ADHD in Children

By Linzi Hansla  03/10/2016

We hear of so many signs and signals from teachers, friends and family that go unnoticed in our children's behavior, or we make excuses before finally taking our child to the doctor to be tested and possibly diagnosed with ADHD.

Is My Child Ready To Potty Train?

By Tracy Thomas  09/08/2015

Potty training is a major milestone. The success of potty training hinges on physical and emotional readiness not a specific age. The true secret to success is timing and “Patience”!

Appropriate Media Use in Early Childhood

By Patricia McLendon  03/02/2015

In the world of parenting we have multiple motivations for introducing our children to electronic devices. It is important to remember that even though we live in a digital driven society the most important thing we can do as parents is interact with our children to ensure healthy development.

Why Children Bite

By Linzi Hansla  02/18/2015

Kid's bite for a number of reasons - and most of them aren't intentionally malicious. They're in pain...They're exploring their world...They're looking for a reaction...They're craving attention...They're frustrated.

When Buying Toys For Holiday Gifts...

By Tracy Thomas  12/09/2014

Toys are more than just something to play with, toys should be fun but they should also be age appropriate, stimulating and safe. Toys should be thought of as developmental learning tools as they are so important in the social, mental, physical and emotional development of children.

The Importance of Tummy Time

By Patricia McLendon  08/13/2014

Mommies with infants do you know the importance of “Tummy Time”? Because of the amount of time babies spend on their backs sleeping and in “Containers” like car seats, bouncers and swings they need plenty of Tummy Time while awake.

Amoeba Awareness

By Linzi Hansla  07/28/2014

When you see the three letters P.A.M, what is the first thing that springs to your mind? It probably is'nt the words Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis. Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis, also known as P.A.M, is a disease people don’t understand, and have probably never heard of until someone they know contracts it.

Look Before You Lock!

By Patricia McLendon  07/21/2014

With some of the hottest days of summer still ahead of us, child safety advocates are focusing on a recent rising cause of children’s deaths. Leaving a child in a vehicle on a hot summer day has resulted in 17 deaths in 2014 in the US alone.

The Value of Books

By Tracy Thomas  07/14/2014

One of the greatest gifts you can give a child is the skill of reading, and this begins by teaching them to LOVE books. By bridging home and school with this one passion we see so many areas of a child’s development soar.

Choosing The Right Childcare

By Linzi Hansla  06/19/2014

As a parent, you know what's best for your child. When considering childcare for your child, don't just look at the group they will be entering the school in. You need to think about the future. While viewing the facility ask yourself....