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Each Academy is purpose built in every way to provide a bright and spacious setting with classrooms that are fully equipped for each age range. Outside play areas are designed with impact absorbing safety surfaces plus a wide range of interesting play equipment for everyone.

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Q • How do I apply for a position at Ladybird Academy®?

You can apply for a position by using any of the following options: 1) Email: you can email your resume directly to the Academy of your choice. 2) Fax: You can fax either your resume or employment application to the Academy of your choice or to the corporate office. 3) In Person: You can print off an employment application, complete and then return it to the Academy of your choice.

Q • What are the benefits ?

Benefits include 12 days per year vacation allowance* adding one day each year thereafter for full time employees. Part time employees are eligible for 6 days per year vacation allowance*. All full time employees who have completed three months consecutive employment are eligible for full healthcare benefits including dental.

Q • Do the staff wear uniforms ?

Yes. All employees with exception of Director and assistant Director positions are required to wear approved Ladybird Academy® uniform which includes a red logo╩╝d polo shirt, blue pants, a black belt and white sneakers. Directors and assistant Directors are required to wear approved professional attire.

Q • How many vacation / sick days do we get ?

Full time employees are entitled to 12 days per year to use however they like*. Part time employees are entitled to 6 days per year*. For each year thereafter one additional day vacation is accumulated*.

Q • Will I stay in one classroom or float ?

It depends on the position we are looking to hire for. Teachers are assigned to a specific classroom, however unforeseen circumstances may require assistance in other classrooms. Teacher assistants are required to be more flexible. Generally teacher assistants are assigned to a specific classroom, however they are more likely to help out in another classroom if need be.

Q • Is there a chance for promotion within ?

Yes. Ladybird Academy® promotes from within whenever and wherever possible based on experience, qualification and suitability to the position.

Q • When will a decision be made for this position ?

It depends on the market, needs and number of applications. A decision can take anywhere from the same day up till a week.

Q • With whom will I be working most closely ?

It depends on your position. Teaching assistants work closely with Teachers, Teachers work closely with the assistant Director and the assistant Director work closely with the Director. However all employees are required to work together as a team to ensure the efficient operation of the Academy.

Q • Do I get on the job training ?

Yes. All new staff participate in a two day orientation during which time they will learn what is required by Ladybird Academy®. This includes policies and procedures, rules and regulations, meeting other staff members, meeting parents and children of not only their assigned classroom but those of other classrooms and more.

Q • What ages do we care for ?

Ladybird Academy® cares for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years. Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Before and After School and Summer Camp.

(*) Benefits may vary by franchise location.