FAQ for Franchise

Q • What are your royalties?

5% Royalty 1% Marketing Fund.

Q • Do I need experience in child care or education?

No, from Engineers and Accountants to school teachers our franchisees have vast experience in many different areas of business.

Q • What are the academy hours of operation?

Hours of operation for a Ladybird Academy are 6:30am – 6:30pm.

Q • How long does it take to open a school?

From start to finish your Ladybird Academy can open in approximately 9-18 months.

Q • What is the process for finding a location?

Site selection is managed with our highly qualified real estate team, with many different factors taken into account such as (but not limited too); demographics, future growth, children in certain age ranges.

Q • What kind of training will I receive before my academy opens?

With a Corporate Training Facility located in each DMA, training is a smooth yet invasive process. All owners, managers and staff must successfully complete our training program before they will be onsite.

Q • What are qualifications to become a Ladybird Academy Franchisee?

Business experience is a must with a net worth of $750,000 and liquidity of $500,000. Ladybird Academy is registered with the Small Business Administration, expediting the lending process. Our franchise development team works with several lenders who are familiar with our business model, making the lending process enjoyable rather than stressful!

Q • How much money will I make?

See item 19 of Ladybird Academy FDD for details.

Q • What makes Ladybird Academy different from other day care businesses?

Our curriculum, complied with our state of the art facilities and systems in place makes Ladybird Academy stand out amongst other child care providers in the industry.

Q • Does Ladybird Academy provide any type of financing?

Currently, we do not.