The Ladybird Advantage

We understand that choosing the right child care solution for your family can be a difficult task. Here at Ladybird Academy® we are confident that we have an advantage over your other child care options so we've made it easy by providing you with a comparison chart and checklist that outlines why Ladybird Academy® is second to none.

To see first hand the clear superiority of Ladybird Academy®, we encourage you to come by for a tour at any time. By doing this you will see that we are providing your child an experience like no other. Our centers are bright, sanitary and designed to prepare your child socially and emotionally for their next educational steps.


More than a babysitter...

Childcare is more than just watching your child while you can’t. It’s about education, experience, and personal interaction.

  • We don’t just babysit. We love, educate, and play with your child. Teaching them all the life lessons you would if you were here.
  • Babies need special attention - and we give it to them. We also document and report all events from your little ones day!


  Parents Family Nannies Other Childcares Ladybird
Nap Time
Fingerprint Security
Web Cameras Rarely
Playground Safety Surfaces Rarely
True Education Curricula Sometimes
Uniforms for Ages 3+

Off to the Right Start

Before they get to elementary school, your children need to get a good foundation. We aim to get them off to the right start.

  • We take education seriously. At Ladybird Academy® we strive to instill academic skills into every child.


  Parents Family Nannies Other Childcares Ladybird
Abeka Sometimes
Saxon Math Rarely
Computer Lessons Rarely
Foreign Languages Rarely
Before & After School
Voluntary Pre-K Sometimes
Individual Desks (3+) Rarely